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Industrial meat companies keep clearing forests for cattle and animal feed

Industrial meat companies keep clearing forests for cattle and animal feed.

Greenpeace has made a short but incredibly powerful animation that tells the story through the eyes of a jaguar. It exposes the problem and the solution for the world to see.


This year, we’ve lost huge swathes of our forests: home to Indigenous Peoples, incredible biodiversity and a key weapon in the fight against climate change.

There’s one industry that’s behind the bulk of the destruction: industrial meat companies who clear forests for cattle and animal feed. And every year it’s getting worse.

The Rib Cage Tree | India ink and soft pastel | Original
‘The Rib Cage Tree’ (Indian ink and paster) by Lucy Calderbank

The #DUcollective is raising awareness about deforestation and more generally about unsustainable practices from corporations and industrial meats companies.


The Rib Cage Tree‘ by Lucy Calderbank


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Industrial meat companies keep clearing forests for cattle and animal feed

This film tells an important truth of our age – that industrial meat is fuelling the destruction of our forests. Monster meat companies are clearing vast areas of forest in the Amazon and elsewhere for cattle farms and soya plantations. 3.5 million hectares of the Amazon have been burned so far this year.

If we’ve reached a point where our trees are worth more when they’re burned to the ground than standing tall – then we’re clearly doing something wrong!

But the hope that I want to bring you is this: we already have the solutions – and the power to change things.

We can eat sustainably by reducing our meat consumption and we can also pressure supermarkets and fast food restaurants to drop their links with the forest destroying-companies.

We All can make a difference

Please help to make this film famous by watching and sharing today.

If we can get everyone talking about these issues then the supermarkets and fast food companies, that are buying meat and animal feed from forest destroyers, will be forced to tackle the problem.

I know talking about meat and the environment isn’t always a popular topic, but it’s crucial if we are going to save our forests and stand up to the climate and biodiversity crisis that we now face.

Ten years ago, lots of companies including UK supermarkets and other brands pledged to tackle deforestation by 2020. But we’re here. It’s 2020, and they are yet to pull their fingers out.

We know that some of the companies do care about this issue but they remain stuck in their ways. If we can show huge public support for an end to deforestation then we can empower them to make real change.

Your voice matters. Please share this film.

The crucial role of organisations such as Greenpeace to watch out for unsustainable industrial practices

Greenpeace | Drawing United

I have a Greenpeace membership and are more than happy to cover the yearly donation.

They, like many other charities, are doing an essential work or monitoring corporations and expose the companies who are responsible. 

We are the #DUcollective,

a bunch of artists using our art
to raise awareness and raise money
for our favourites charities


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“Knowledge Is Power” Sir Francis Bacon

Did you know that a ‘new’ species of animal or plant is discovered in the Amazon every three days?


As the forests are slashed and burned, we’re losing precious plant species and wildlife at an alarming rate too.

It’s driving plant species to extinction before we can discover and benefit from them.

Wildlife like the jaguar is also under threat of disappearing from our world.

Even more shockingly, Indigenous People may be driven to extinction by the devastation too.

Why is this happening?

Farmers and ranchers clear forest to grow soya and to graze cattle to sell to mammoth industrial meat producers like JBS. Food giants like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Burger King, McDonalds and KFC also cash in on the destruction by selling this industrial meat.

In South America, there’s been a surge in deforestation and nature loss, driven by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who’s openly rolling back forest protection so agriculture can expand.

At the same time, he’s encouraging land-grabbing and violence against Indigenous People who are putting their lives at risk to protect the forest.

This content was received from Greenpeace by email. We, at Drawing United, fully support Greenpeace and relay their information to our audience.

By Pierrick Senelaer

Since 2015, I have had the chance to have my own art studio in Stoke Newington (London).

Environmental issues such as Climate Change or Plastic Pollution, are something I feel concerned about. Therefore, I’ve launched DRAWING UNITED.

Drawing United is a collective of artists, started off by Pierrick Senelaer, who cares for our environment and planet and who want to use their art and creativity to raise awareness and/or support a good cause.

ACT NOW! "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"Robert Swann


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