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Amazon Forest Wildfires


Artwork by Tommy Fiendish


Tommy Fiendish

Raising awareness for Amazon forest wildfires

“I did not set out to paint about the Amazon fires and certainly did not choose it as a topic, I started painting and it materialised into the painting you see.

I had been watching news reports on the fires for a few days before. When I start painting my sub-conscience takes over and I try not to think to much about what I am including. When I stepped back and looked at what was on the canvas I can piece together the narrative.”

Lungs | 55 X 60cm  | Fine art print | Signed and numbered | £250
Lungs | 55 X 60cm  | Fine art print | Signed and numbered | £250




Raising awareness for Amazon forest wildfires

In July 2019 73 sq km of the Amazon rainforest was cleared every day. For scale, that is an area of London that stretches from Hyde Park to Tower Bridge. (source : The Guardian)

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We make & sell art so we can use that money to plant trees via our partnership with JUST ONE tree. – £1 we give away plants one tree!

We also produce creative and educational content and products such as colouring books and may also get a group together to clean river banks from plastic so subscribe to our newsletter today and get involved!

Most fires observed in the region are caused by humans. Many are set in previously cleared lands in order to quickly remove any excess vegetation that has popped up. Others are set in land that is still in the process of being cleared, in order to make more open land for crops or cattle. (Source: National Geographic)

The Rainforest Trust has saved more than 23 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest since 1988 by funding projects that restore and protect ecosystems. (Source: Global Citizen)

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Logging companies are cutting down some of the most endangered forests on the planet to make wood and paper products such as office paper or toilet paper.

You can help reduce the pressure on our remaining forests by taking simple steps to reduce your own wood and paper use. For example, use both sides of each piece of paper, use your own cloth bags at the grocery store, use cloth napkins and towels, and avoid disposable paper plates and cups. (Source: Adventure Life)



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