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Asian elephants


Artwork by Otto Schade



Raising awareness for Asian Elephants

“We are losing elephants at an alarming rate and especially in Asia.

I support organisations such as Elephant Family who recognises that the importance to protect Asian elephants is often understated as many charities focus on the larger elephant families in Africa. The charity’s aim is to challenge it.”

“Asian Elephants” Ink and graphite on paper. 59.4 x 42cm. Value £350.
“Asian Elephants” Ink and graphite on paper. 59.4 x 42cm. Value £350.




Raising awareness for Asian Elephants

Asian elephants once roamed across most of Asia, now they’re restricted to just 15% of their original range, in a number of fragmented and isolated populations around south and south-east Asia. They are affected by habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal wildlife trade & human wildlife conflict. (source : WWF)

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