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Polar Bears and climate change


Artwork by @pierrickart



Raising awareness for Global Warming

“Greenhouses gases are a real issue to tackle climate change and has an already visible effect – the Poles are melting.

Reducing your meat consumption, switch to electric cars or just switch off your computer overnight will make a difference.”

"WINTER" Spray paint | Print on Hahnemühle Paper 310gsm | 40x50cm | Value: £90
“WINTER” Spray paint | Print on Hahnemühle Paper 310gsm | 40x50cm | Value: £190




Raising awareness for Global Warming

Scientists estimate that if current forecasts are correct about the future extent of sea ice, then two-thirds of the polar bear population will become extinct by 2050. (source : WWF)

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We can all make a difference

We make & sell art so we can use that money to plant trees via our partnership with JUST ONE tree. – £1 we give away plants one tree!

We also produce creative and educational content and products such as colouring books and may also get a group together to clean river banks from plastic so subscribe to our newsletter today and get involved!

LED lights use 75% less energy to deliver the same amount of light as incandescents, and LED bulbs last 25 times longer. So you save money & reduce heat release and thererefore greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases contribute to Global Warming (Source: USA Today)

Based on consumption data from 2015, lighting accounts for 12% of the average household electric bill. By shutting off unnecessary lights, such as in empty rooms, you will not only save money but also lower your carbon footprint. (Source: USA Today)

Combined, heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of household energy consumption. You can reduce energy consumption and save money by using a programmable thermostat.

For every degree you reduce the temperature in the winter or raise it in the summer you are saving up to 1% in energy costs for each 8-hour period, according to the Department of Energy



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