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The – LOVE TREES – T-shirt


Artwork by Drawing United


Drawing United

Raising awareness for Deforestation through their creation

Another creation from the Drawing United studio aimed at directly supporting our partnership with JUST ONE TREE charity.

Made with organic, sustainable and recycled jersey combed cotton only.

This t-shirt supports the idea that trees are a vital resource to combat climate change by absorbing carbon from human activities in particular.

JUST ONE TREE do an amazing work to restore and protect forests by planting trees in places such as Indonesia, Zambia or Madagascar.

‘LOVE TREES’ t-shirt. Made of organic, sustainable & recycled jersey combed cotton. S to XL sizes




Raising awareness for Deforestation through their creation

We need trees for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that they absorb not only the carbon dioxide that we exhale, but also the heat-trapping greenhouse gases that human activities emit. Too much of these greenhouses create what scientists call Global Warming or Climate Change. (Source: National Geographic)

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We can all make a difference

We make & sell art so we can use that money to plant trees via our partnership with JUST ONE tree. – £1 we give away plants one tree!

We also produce creative and educational content and products such as colouring books and may also get a group together to clean river banks from plastic so subscribe to our newsletter today and get involved!

Head to our shop where this item will cost you £19.99 of which 50% of the sale profit will go towards the Drawing United Tree fund we hold with JUST ONE TREE.

In other words, each t-shirt we sell will plant 3 trees in places such as Madagascar, Kenya or Nepal & is made with organic, sustainable and recycled jersey combed cotton only.

We chose Garment Printing as our supplier to make these t-shirts because of their eco t-shirts range and green commitments.

Beef production drives deforestation five times more than any other sector.

Agriculture is the top source of worldwide deforestation (40%), and among the top commodity-drivers of deforestation, beef holds the first place.

Overall, beef is responsible for 36% of all agriculture-linked forest-replacement. (Source: Eurogroupforanimals.org)

The second biggest driver of tropical deforestation is soybean production.

Demand for soy is closely connected to demand for beef and other animal proteins.

Between 70% and 75% of all soy becomes livestock feed—for chickens, pigs, and farmed fish, as well as for cows. (Source: WWF)



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