DU Colouring Book – volume 1


Buy with a purpose :
every time you buy anything from us, we plant trees via the Tree Fund we hold with JUST ONE tree. The Just One Tree logo

This is a 10-page and themed colouring book around environmental issues such as wildlife habitat loss or deforestation.

This book is aimed at everyone (of course!) but more specifically to the next generation of eco warriors aged between 4 and 10.

We tried our best to be as environmental friendly as possible when making “DU colouring book – volume 1”.

See below for full details.

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Educate the next generation

We believe the earliest our little eco-warriors can talk about conservation, environment or nature, the better.

We encourage parents to engage with their kids via colouring this book.


The Just One Tree logo

DU colouring book – volume 1” is raising money for our Tree Fund we hold with JUST ONE Tree.

One of the issues this book highlights is the habitat loss for Borneo orangutans , mostly due to deforestation. Their forests are being cut down.

JUST ONE tree do an amazing work to restore and protect forests by planting trees in places such as Indonesia, Zambia or Madagascar.

Read more about our partnership with JUST ONE Tree.

There was an Open Call to for to get artists and other likes to submit their ideas, artworks or designs for the cover of this book.

Responsible chain of production

A branch on some arty background> Printed in the UK, in Essex actually by Print4London. We are based in North London.

> FSC paper, the most environmentally friendly option is the FSC, as unlike recycled papers it does not go through as many processes so it becomes recycled products. FSC materials are sourced from sustained forests and have a low environmental impact with tree planting replacing logged trees.

> Print4London are not using chlorine inks but vegetable inks. Chlorine based inks contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals can lead to soil and even water pollution when left in landfill, while plastic can take thousands of years to degrade and even then, they will continue to pollute the soil.

Poster tubes | Drawing UnitedWe say no to plastic and will always TRY to reduce our or your carbon footprint

When possible, ie if we send the artworks ourselves, we will use plastic free packaging.

  • No to plastic _ we don’t send all the artworks ourselves – some of the artists do it themselves, but when we do we will always use tubes made only of cardboard, no plastic lids, to send you the artwork you buy from us
  • Reduce our carbon footprint _ you are welcome to come collect the artwork you buy from us from our studio in Stoke Newington, London. Using electric powered car or public transport (or ideally walk to us) is far greener than us using delivery couriers companies.

Artwork Dimensions: A4 - 21 x29.7 cm

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