Pierrick Senelaer and Drawing United have teamed up and have released this print entitled “Winter“.

Winter” is a vision of the effects of Global Warming and its consequences on the polar regions.

Pierrick has been campaigning on the topic of Global Warming in the aim of highlighting what it means  for both poles – The Artic and Antartica.

50% all of sales profit will be added to the tree fund we hold with JUST ONE tree.

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Pierrick has been campaigning on the topic of Global Warming in the aim of highlighting what it means  for both poles – The Artic and Antartica.

Winter” depicts a wintery landscape, once still and pristine, but which seems to be under a spinning transformation. The weather is changing and the melting of the Poles has started.

Pierrick aims at highlighting the growing issue that Global Warming has on Polar Bears and other wildlife such as Penguins who are confronted with – the loss of their habitat which put them at risk to go extinct.

Artwork Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm

Print on: Print on Hahnemühle Paper 310gsm

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