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  • Pierrick Senelaer

    I’ve always been fascinated by both poles and especially the sheer amount of beautiful and still ice.

    But they are now at risk – they are melting and at a rate like never seen before.

    We need to watch out for these oil companies which try to drill it to get oil or other commodities.

    Rising global temperatures observed in the recent years are also putting at risk both Artic and Antartica ecosystems so I hope raising awareness about this issue as well as helping solving it by reducing my carbon footprint.

    Climate change is real, and whether it is aggravated by humans activity, it needs to be taken seriously, this is why I support Greenpeace for their relentless efforts in stopping greedy capital interests and preserving our environment

  • Mark Petty
    My website

    Mark Petty. Mostly known as just Petty. Half Irish, half English, London-born and London-based self taught image maker and artist.

    No pretences, no airs and certainly no graces.
    Addicted to the visual with a staunch creative curiosity, easy-going and down-to-earth attitude.
    Specialising in Hand-pulled screen prints, reverse glass gold gilding with hand painting & hand applied Diamond dust/gold leaf featuring heavily. Steeped in contemporary pop art and saturated by the culture we live in,
    Always work-in-progress. Commissions of my own work available. info@mpetty.co.uk
    All Petty’s work is emotional to him, none more so than the ‘Ocean Life, Limited Edition’ series.
    Being a diver with his Padi, a surfer, kite boarder and generally looking to always be in the ocean, Petty has made this work entirely of recycled material or up-cycled waste plastic, which, comes straight from his heart.
  • Alex Leadbeater
    Alex’s early work mostly depicted everyday objects such as rusty enamel jugs and garden tools usually painted life-size.
    Since moving to the coast 18 years ago she has been making
    paintings and prints of the sea, capturing the energy and feeling of being in a wave rather than depicting the sea in paint.
    Recently she has wanted to bring attention to the plight of the oceans and has been working on themes relating to plastic pollution and climate change.
    Alex has a BA in Fine Art and has been working as a professional artist since graduating in 1979.
    She has a live/work studio in St Leonards-on-Sea where she also runs workshops and classes.
  • Anna Jaxe
    My website

    Growing up around the pockets of wealth and poverty that litter Greater London, Anna Jaxe is influenced by the conflict between the haves and the have not’s in contemporary society.

    Jaxe’s work often focuses on the accessibility of pop culture and how it blurs those divisions.

    “I enjoy painting portraits of individuals who are using their status to call attention to important issues. As a queer artist myself, I am devoted to highlighting LGBTQ+ issues and creating work that celebrates queer visibility in the media.”

    In Summer 2019, Anna painted a mural of ‘Gentleman Jack’ from the TV series in Shoreditch. This piece was shared by the starring actress Suranne Jones and BBC One on social media. In November 2018, Anna was filmed creating a piece featured on BT Sport’s ‘Champions League Show’.

    Born in 1989, Jaxe studied Fine Art at Kingston University and Reading University. She is passionate about making art more accessible and represents herself at art fairs and events across the country.

  • Mary Rouncefield

    Currently I am also concerned with climate change, deforestation and the fate of indigenous peoples, because, as it is often said, ‘There are no human rights on a dead planet’.

  • René Hull
    My website

    Animal rights has always been a big part of my life. I have been vegetarian since the age of 6, and 3 years ago decided to go vegan after learning more about the dairy industry and the huge impact livestock has on the environment.

    Since moving to London in 2010, I have also become increasingly more concerned about the air quality in cities, especially for children growing up in these cities breathing in toxic air and suffering from health issues linked to pollution. The impact the meat and dairy industry has on the environment and the levels of pollution in cities is unacceptable and can easily be addressed.

    I support the work of PETA, Greenpeace, Asthma UK and the Vegan Society. I would like to use my art to raise awareness of pollution levels and animal rights to help make this world a better place for us and for future generations.

  • Tommy Fiendish
    My website

    I have worked in various creative roles including tattoo artist, sign writer, set design, mural/ street artist and draw upon my experience in my current practice as a freelance painter.

    I am also experienced in sound and electronic music which comes into play when working with video and animation.

    Although experimental, my core process lies with acrylics on un-primed linen. Teaming expressive marks and abstract ideas with pockets of graphic detail, painted with a minimal pallet mainly monochrome and two or three colours. Currently painting surreal figurative and architectural scenes using old images and metaphors to represent modern situations. It’s a dystopian social commentary, with a twist of macabre drollery.

    Working in series allows me to explore ideas, themes and techniques. Although the subject varies there is a continuity in the tone. I enjoy creating a sense of drama within the work. This can be dialled back to a level of contained urgency and a sense of foreboding or unleashed, in full dramatic force.

    I paint because I have been affected by something, usually an image or a vision that has given me a physical sensation and altered my current state. It’s work you feel as well as view.

  • Samuel Deacon
    My website
    https://www. samueldeacon.co.uk

    My favourite colour and go-to palette in my abstract paintings is green.

    Since a young age I have been inspired by these rich tones and by the beauty found in nature.

    In my West London home, I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many lush green spaces, so it is easy to forget that every week, an area of rainforest the size of London is lost to deforestation.

    As well as being home to 50% of the Planet Earth’s species, the rainforest plays a huge part in preventing the devastating effects of climate change, regulating rainfall and climate patterns, reducing Co2 and cleaning our air.

    My artwork will be used to support WWF and all the work they do to tackle climate change and protect our green spaces, before they are all gone.

  • Otto Schade

    A native of Chile, Otto Schade took his vibrant art to England in 2005.

    After attaining an architecture degree in Concepción, Otto began his career as an urban sculptor. But it was his fascination with surreal art that led him toward his passion to paint. Inspired by masters of the past like Dali, Magritte, Miro, Giger, and Beksiński.

    Combining his love for architecture and art, Otto began painting creative pieces with one-of-a-kind urban contemporary themes. Originally starting with oil paint on canvas, Otto explored various styles and mediums from collages, to illustrations, to stencil free-hand spray paint on canvas and walls.

    Otto quickly found the local street art scene, where he painted pieces boasting a sharp and ironic twist. While communicating anti-war themes along with his trademark ribbon style, he earned a street cred name, Osch, in London’s district of Shoreditch and beyond.

  • Camilla Brendon
    Camilla Brendon is an installation artist who works using largely found, foraged and donated materials. Coming from a painting background, bold colour and striking forms are characteristic to her
    Coast is an ongoing project, that explores oceans and waterways. Work made in the project is intended to improve ocean literacy and spark dialogue around wider ocean issues in the global community.
    Coast combines art, activism, science and education to produce work which is interdisciplinary.
    During the project Brendon has collaborated with marine biologists, plastics researchers and water maintenance groups.


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