We are a London (UK) based art studio producing visual art. You can browse our print collection from our DRAWING UNITED ETSY shop.

We are also very keen to raise awareness for environmental issues such as Climate Change or Plastic Pollution through our practice and give back through our tree fund we hold with JUST ONE TREE – green spaces such as forests are essential to reduce carbon emissions which in turn can dramatically reduce Global Warming.

To date we have planted 237 trees and are thrilled about it! But we hope for a lot more so remember – see on each product page how many trees gets planted when we sell it – this increases our tally of trees in our JUST ONE tree fund. One pound plants one tree.


A photo of Pierrick Senelaer  whi is part of the Drawing United London based art studio

This art project was started by Pierrick Senelaer, London based artist, who realised that too many people seemed unaware of the gravity that Climate Change, Deforestation or Plastic Pollution (and quite a few other environmental issues) poses for our very own survival as a species.

By using his creativity through his favourite medium of art, he hopes to reach out to people and talk environment through art.